Oz Gallery

leaving prints


Meredith took her art into a gallery space for the first of a planned series of live exhibits. The full-day event combined photography, video projection and live performances.

Black and white images taken several years ago, depicting one of Meredith's recurring characters; the whimsical "Angel of Paradox", hung in the room, while archival video footage from the same shoot was projected on the space above them. A wall of blank canvases invited visitors to leave their own mark, using paint, markers and other materials to create brand new art over the course of the day.

Meredith also made regular appearances in different winged costumes, dancing inside the gallery as well as on the surrounding streets. She performed solo and, at one point brought a second dancer in from the crowd for an impromptu duet. Live, real-time video footage of her pieces were projected on the wall behind her simultaneously.

Throughout the day she followed out on a variety of performance art tasks including popping balloons to reveal fortune cookie-like messages within, and opening her traveling case to offer a mountain of candies to children.



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